Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) publishes compliance report on Albania  -  
Conclusions (April 2011)

In view of the above, GRECO concludes that Albania has implemented satisfactorily seven of the
twelve recommendations contained in the Third Round Evaluation Report. With respect to Theme
I – Incriminations, recommendation iv has been implemented satisfactorily and recommendations
i, ii, iii and v have been partly implemented. With respect to Theme II – Transparency of Party
Funding, recommendations i, ii, iii, v and vi have been implemented satisfactorily,
recommendation vii has been dealt with in a satisfactory manner and recommendation iv has
been partly implemented.

In particular, concerning incriminations, Albania is in the process of preparing substantial
amendments to the Criminal Law which, if adopted, will meet the concerns of most of GRECO’s
recommendations. GRECO regrets, however, that some ambiguities remain in the draft
amendments as regards jurisdiction over bribery and trading in influence offences committed
abroad and urges the Albanian authorities to take determined action to remove these

Insofar as the transparency of political funding is concerned, significant efforts have been carried
out to comply with nearly all the recommendations. New legislation is already in place to enhance
the transparency of general party funding, including as regards donations and donors, to ensure
comprehensive monitoring by the Central Electoral Commission over both the routine activities
and the campaign funding of political parties and to define sanctions for the infringements of the
financing rules contained in the law on political parties. GRECO expects that additional financial
and personnel resources will soon be provided to the Central Electoral Commission to allow it to
fulfil its new mandate. Some measures were also adopted to give effect to the provisions on
campaign funding contained in the 2008 Electoral Code and to assess their efficiency. The
preparation of a standardised format for political parties’ audit reports is also well under way and
GRECO is confident that this format will be adopted in due course in order to fully implement the
remaining recommendation.

In the light of what has been stated in above, GRECO commends Albania for the substantial
reforms carried out with regard to both themes under evaluation, and which show that, already
at this stage, Albania complies with more than half of the recommendations issued in the Third
Round Evaluation Report. It encourages Albania to pursue its efforts in order to implement the
pending recommendations within the next 18 months. GRECO invites the Head of the delegation
of Albania to submit additional information regarding the implementation of recommendations i-iii
and v (Theme I – Incriminations) and recommendation iv (Theme II – Transparency of Party
Funding) by 31 October 2012 at the latest.

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