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Since 1994, the PKF network of independent member firms, which is administered by
PKF International Limited, has produced the PKF Worldwide Tax Guide (WWTG). The
report below is extracted from the 2012 WWTG and reproduced with the kind permission of
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Bilateral exchange of
information Agreements
in place?
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Tax Information
22 April, 2012  -  
Global Forum on
Transparency and
Exchange of
Information for Tax
Purposes Peer Review

Key Findings:

Cyprus has a network of
DTCs covering 44
jurisdictions and it also
exchanges tax information
with other EU members. Its
DTCs generally contain
provisions which allow
Cyprus to exchange all
foreseeably relevant
information. However,
deficiencies have been
identified regarding the
availability of ownership
and accounting
information, and the
review recommends
changes to address these.
The report also
improvements in the EOI
network to ensure Cyprus
has agreements to the
standard with all relevant
partners and will enact
appropriate legislation to
give effect to these
agreements in all cases.
Cyprus’ response to the
recommendations made in
this review, as well as the
application of the legal
framework and the
implementation of the
international standard in
practice, will be
considered in detail in the
Phase 2 review of Cyprus,
which is scheduled to
commence in the second
half of 2012.

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