What's in the Reports?

Each report contains, where available, information on Government, Economy, Money-Laundering, Crime, Human Trafficking and Terrorist issues, status reports on sanctions, risk ratings and various relevant rankings.

How often are the Reports updated?

Information / Updates are made as follows: -

Tables / Rankings

As soon as possible

General Information / Reports

As received

Investment Climate Information


US State Dept Report on Money Laundering

Annually (about Feb/March and updated June)

Any important changes will be shown in the AML News/Updates Page or in the relevant Country Report.

Our webpages are updated at the same time.

Where is the information in the Reports sourced from?

All information and data is gathered from International or Government agencies and therefore subject to their accuracy. These include: -

CIA Factbook
Federal Bureau of Investigation
HM Treasury

The Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units
Transparency International
US Department of State
United Nations
World Bank Group
Various Regulatory authorities from around the world

How do I check on the Methodolgies of the various rankings in the Reports?

Go to our Methodologies and Sources page and you will be able to link direct through to the relevant site to check information and methodologies.

If I spot an error or something that does not look right, what should I do?

Tell us, please, using the form in the Contact page and we'll investigate and amend or correct, where necessary.

What are the benefits of using KnowYourCountry?

helps you comply with local anti-money laundering and FATF guidelines in assessing country risk helps you be aware of evolving country risk saves you time by having all information in one place easy to read country by country reports in a concise and manageable form simple and easy to use

What areas of business should benefit from the Country Reports?

The reports are intended to be used by anyone working in the finance industry but specifically for: -

providing an audit trail with regard to assessing geographical risk compliance procedures risk assessment of take-on of new business risk assessment of ongoing business annual/periodic review processes for use by any person dealing with foreign clients/transactions during the course of their work training your employees to better understand their clients and their client's business

Does KnowYourCountry give any opinions or advice on the data/information gathered?

We have risk rated the information in order to simplify the overview of the information available, however our intention is for us to provide the information so that you may consider it.

Are the Reports archived?

No. We would suggest that you copy or print any reports that you need.

Can I use the material for commercial purposes?

If you’d like to use our material for commercial purposes, i.e. to augment enhanced customer due diligence reports, please contact us to discuss further.