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KnowYourCountry was established in 2006. Our website is a global research tool designed to provide the data and information your Compliance or Business Development team needs to understand and assess the jurisdictional risk on a case by case basis arising during the course of your business. We gather and collate that information from legitimate sources, and provide it to you in a concise and manageable format.

In 2014, KnowYourCountry achieved ISO 9001 Certification for the provision of on-line information of money laundering and sanction information on a country by country basis. In 2017, KnowYourCountry achieved ISO 9001:2015 Certification. We continue to maintain that accreditation.

We hope that you find our website useful. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.
Our Directors
Gary Youinou
The founder of KnowYourCountry. With over 35 years experience in the offshore financial industry, including directorships on companies listed on various stock exchanges, several large alternative investment funds, and the largest registrar company in the Channel Islands, Gary has an extensive knowledge of financial, banking and compliance procedures. He has also travelled in many of the deemed 'high-risk' countries.
Gary provides consultancy services to KYC Worldwide. a risk verification CDD provider to regulated businesses.

Helen Hatton

Widely recognized as the prime architect of the modern Jersey regulatory regime, Helen Hatton resigned as Deputy Director General of the Jersey Financial Services Commission in May 2009,  having led the implementation of regulatory development in the island from its blacklisted state in 1999 to achieving one of the world’s best IMF evaluation results, to establish Sator Regulatory Consulting Limited.  After seven years of outstanding performance, Sator Regulatory Consulting Limited merged with BDO Jersey Limited in April 2016 and undertakes governance, risk and compliance assignments for leading financial services businesses;  international standards setting bodies including the World Bank and IMF, and regulatory authorities.


Recent assignments for regulatory authorities’ include those with the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission, the Central Bank of Aruba and the Financial Services Commissions of Anguilla and the Cook Islands.  Financial institution clients include banks, insurance companies, securities, trust and funds sector businesses.  

Educated at Hurst Lodge, Sunningdale and St Wilfred’s, Exeter followed by Plymouth University, Mrs Hatton lectured in Business Studies in further and higher education institutions in the south west of England until joining American Express Bank where she advised private clients on wealth management solutions from 1989 to late 1991.

Prior to taking up her role in Jersey, Mrs Hatton was director of enforcement with the Isle of Man Financial Supervision Commission from 1992-1999, introducing the first offshore “all crimes” money laundering regime in 1997 and, notably, achieving the world’s first “freestanding” offshore Mareva injunction without a local cause of action in the case SIB-v-Lloyd Wright. This milestone case brought an effective end to banking secrecy in the Crown Dependencies. 

Mrs Hatton is a Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Banking Regulation and member of the Worshipful Company of International Bankers.  She is a recognised international speaker on regulatory compliance topics and regularly publishes papers on regulatory matters. She is also founder of KYC Worldwide Limited, a ground breaking intelligence business.

​Our Members
Our members range from small start up organisations to long established multi-national organisations.

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Hedge Fund and Fund of Funds Managers   |   Investment Banks   |   Insurance Firms   |   Legal Advisors  
Money Service Businesses    Retail Banks     Securities Houses     Traditional Fund Managers and Advisors 
Trust and Company Formation and Administration     Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms  

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